The progressive development of Macroclima led to further opportunities including the appointment of exclusive agent of AUX Brand in 2020 for both RAC and CAC range, a historical manufacturer with presence in the global market for more than 30 years.

About AUX

Established in 1986, AUX Group is an enterprise which today covers several industries: Home Appliances, Electrical Equipment, Medical Services, Real Estate Development and Financial Investments. For many years it is ranking within China’s top 500 enterprises. In 2018, total Group sales reached 13 billion USD, with total assets of 9 billion USD, having over 30.000 employees and 10 manufacturing bases in Ningbo (3), Nanchang, Tianjin, Maanshan, Zhengzhou, Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand, and more than 5 R&D centers, with the most important latest addition, that of the Kansai, Japan R&D Institute. AUX is today a leading producer that ranking No.3 in the National Air Conditioning industry in the national market of PRC.

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