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We are a professional HVAC agent for the market of Romania

HVAC Proffesionals

Macroclima Com Srl, was founded by December 2015 in Bucuresti, Romania, by Constantinos Mavrogenis, an entrepreneur with long experience in the representation of A/C Manufacturer Brands starting 2002.

Macroclima was first appointed agent of Skyworth Brand A/C products in Romania in 2015.
Skyworth is a world-wide specialized air conditioning equipment manufacturer & supplier, particularly focused in research, development, production and sales of niche air conditioning products. Its production bases are covering 270,000 m2 in Longgang District, Shenzhen, and 480,000 m2 in Zhuhai, Guangdong China. The total annual manufacturing capacity is 6m of RAC & LCAC sets with a total production value exceeding 1.6 billion USD just at the initial stage.

The steady development of Macroclima led to further opportunities including the appointment as an exclusive distributor for AUX Brand in 2020 for both RAC and CAC range, a historical manufacturer with presence in the global market for more than 30 years.
Established in 1986, AUX Group is an enterprise which today covers several industries: Home Appliances, Electrical Equipment, Medical Services, Real Estate Development and Financial Investments. For many years it is ranking within China’s top 500 enterprises. In 2018, total Group sales reached 13 billion USD, with total assets of 9 billion USD, having over 30.000 employees and 10 manufacturing bases in Ningbo (3), Nanchang, Tianjin, Maanshan, Zhengzhou (under construction), Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand, and more than 5 R&D centers, with the most important latest addition, that of the Kansai, Japan R&D Institute. AUX is today a leading producer that ranking No.3 in the National Air Conditioning industry in the national market of PRC.
Moreover, in 2022, Macroclima established a strategic partnership with Skiron S.A, one of the leading manufacturers of large scale Air Handling Units in the Southern-East Europe, founded in 1935. Skiron bases its production facilities in Thessaloniki, Greece and through its long time expertise in the field has been able to offer a variety of top-quality products, not only for the domestic environment, but also for heavy industrial applications of air-conditioning, ventilation and natural gas.
Last but not least, Miyoto brand, a private A/C label owned by Macroclima Com Srl is a brand covering the entry level, competitive price segment for residential air conditioners (RAC) with numerous features such as WIFI-ready and multiple health operations and systems. Miyoto brand is considered as “value for money”, successfully combining high manufacturing standards with long endurance and user-friendly applications. These are the reasons why Macroclima offers a 3 years warranty for Miyoto brand air conditioners.

Macroclima Com Srl, through its successful cooperation with two of the top-ranked A/C manufacturers in the world, Aux Group and Skyworth, combined with a high quality private label, Miyoto, and a ventilation expert, Skiron, has managed to be able to offer a wide variety of products for Residential, Light Commercial and large-scale Commercial applications. Our goal is to establish our Company as a top of mind A/C and ventilation supplier in the market of Romania, synonymous with top user experience.